I am currently in a phase of space as I moved out of my housing before I left for St. Louis and India over a month ago.

While I am staying with gracious friends, one of the things I miss most are my plants.

Since living in the majestic Green Mountain state of Vermont in 2005 I have become addicted to nature, and especially the color green.

Whenever I set up my home anywhere there are two things I need to do to feel settled:

  1. Set up my altar.
  2. Set up my plants. 

I am more alive when there are living rich green creatures in my abode, and come to find out this intuitive  connection actually holds a bit of science based weight.

Studies have shown that having a plant in a space increases concentration and productivity, raises humidity levels to generate more energy, supports recovering patients to heal faster and helps clean the air.

The color green is also associated with ease for the eyes (did you really think the color of my website was random?), abundance, growth, and spaciousness, which all help counter states of distress.

Finally, it simply makes sense. Back in the day people used to spend much more time outdoors.

By having even a little bit of nature in a concrete environment we can pause and remember that we are nature embodied and that we belong to a much larger web of existence. 

So what are you waiting for, go buy or plant some plants! 

P.S. if you want to buy the most air purifying plants check out this list based on research done by NASA