On a recent trip to visit my sister in Los Angeles we had a fun and simple dinner. It was a full on potato bar! 
Potatoes often get the label of unhealthy food because worldwide they are consumed mostly fried. 
In addition to the regular old potato purple, sweet, and red potatoes offer wonderful diversity of nutrients and taste. 
A potato is often associated as a comfort food and can do wonders for the soul on a chilly eve. 
Potatoes are full of vitamin B6 especially helpful for cell building and nervous system support, Vitamin C for immunity, and especially the color variety contain a ton of phytochemicals that rival broccoli and spinach. 
What else can you include in your potato bar to ensure the meal is both tasty and provides a home run health profile?
  • Sautee a side a of onions and garlic
  • Steam some broccoli
  • Grate organic, raw, grass fed cows or goat cheese
  • Add black beans from scratch or from a BPA free can (Eden Foods) sans sugar
  • Include a garnish of lightly sautéed crimini or shitaki mushrooms 
  • Dice a few chives
  • Use high quality sea salt
  • Skip the bacon and sour cream :)
  • Unlike the picture on top use smaller potatoes, cut the potatoes in half and balance out the potato/veggie ratio  

Especially if you have never tried purple potatoes please oh please give them a chance.