What do you think of when you look at something green? A houseplant, a leaf of kale, an avocado, or a forest of trees. Green is the color of life, of vitality, of calmness, of thriving. How much green do you have in your life?

On the inside of our body greens are potent as they serve as internal sunshine to heal tissues, provide alkalinity  and support the body in cleansing functions.

A green food powder is an important addition to any health eating routine as many of the potent wildcrafted plants found in these formulas are not common foods we would consume on a daily basis.

A few of these life enhancing characters include:

  • Spirulina is a micro algae full of protein and essential amino acids.
  • Barley grass is high in calcium, iron and vitamin C.
  • Nettles are great for spring allergies, skin health, and urinary tract support.
  • Horsetail is high in silica which is the foundation of strong and healthy bones.
  • Kelp is a great source of thyroid supporting iodine.
  • Alfalfa is full of B-Vitamins and high in protein.
  • Oat Grass contains Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), an enzyme that defends against free radicals that damage cells and cause disease.

And many more...

There are many powders out on the market so buyer beware. As always the 'Holy Question' can serve as your guiding light. You might pay a few dollars more but you are guaranteed the highest quality product.

My two favorites:

Sun Is Shining by Sunfood

Vitamineral Green by Healthforce Nutritionals

Step into GREEN POWER!!!