Many people know that I have an obsession with words and language.

The truth of the matter is, I believe words boil down to vibration, which then ripples out and has literal impact. People, situations, and possible outcomes are all shaped by the way we use our speech.

One of the most basic teachings of conscious language–which I learned at Kripalu Center–is one that I return to over and over again. “I” statements are key to owning our experience and not projecting or limiting other people’s view point of the world.

In this technology of speaking, it is neat to build awareness in the places we utilize phrases that mask our true needs or feelings.

Often the distinction is minute yet potent. Notice the energetic differences in these examples:

LACK OF OWNERSHIP: ‘When you see someone burn your country’s flag it makes you feel angry.’ vs. ‘When I see someone burn my country’s flag it makes me feel angry.’
‘People feel so nervous asking someone to dance without a drink.’ vs. 'I feel so nervous asking someone to dance without a drink.’

WE: ‘We should get going now.’ vs. ‘I am feeling sleepy and would love to head home.’

QUESTIONS: ‘Why are you going to go get coffee there?’ vs. ‘I think this place has low quality coffee, let's look for a place that uses fair trade beans.’

UNCLEAR: ‘I suppose what I feel is kind of hurt.’ vs. ‘I feel hurt right now.’


‘I should study today.’ vs. ‘I could study today.’

‘I have to/need to go to work.’ vs. ‘I want to/choose to go to work.’

‘I can’t go back to school.’ vs. ‘I won’t go back to school.’

Pick one of these to track and explore for a week, notice your dialogue, and the effect shifting your words can have in your internal and external world.