Over the last several weeks I have been hearing some pretty challenging stories around unexpected life events.

One of my dear friend's brother had an unexpected brain hemorrhage and luckily survived.

Another friend of a friend who was healthy and fit, had a stroke and died at 45.

And in my own family my aunt had to be hospitalized after struggling with her own intense depression over the last several months.

While it would get frustrating to wake up every morning and contemplate the struggles which many people face in daily life, for me its a reminder of compassion and how important it is to pause and reflect at how precious every moment truly is.

From my tasty smoothie, the freedom I feel on my bike, time spent with my adorable nephew, tasty meals with family, to feeling creativity, catching up with an old friend, receiving a card in the mail, seeing a radiant butterfly or going on a first date and living in possibility, precious moments strung together to create real fulfillment.

If life where to end tomorrow, I want to be able to reflect and know that I have lived fully, done my best, and that instead of getting caught up in the stress of it all I was able to step back and appreciate this absolutely astounding gift, of being human.