cleaning supplies

It seems so basic to me but it seems that the word still needs to get out about conventional cleaning products.

Yesterday I watched a documentary about a family that took on a 3-month experiment to rid their home of chemical cleaners.

There were many interesting parts of their journey particularly how much money they saved by making their own natural cleaners (check out this link for recipes).

But the piece that stuck out the most was when they had their indoor air quality tested.

Before their chemical free shift their indoor air toxicity was registering at unacceptable levels. Meaning that the whole family including children were breathing in toxic VOC's (volatile organic compounds found in cleaners, paints, fire retardants, certain furniture items) throughout the day, and especially sleeping at night.

Good marketing makes many people believe they need to be bleaching, and spraying in order to defend their homes from unwanted bacteria, but in reality a simple soap and natural cleaners do the job without the nasty side effects.

Once the family in the documentary cleared their house of toxic cleaners the VOC levels dropped, they where better able to breathe, and all had increased energy levels.

It's such an easy step to save you and your family unnecessary exposure to unwanted chemicals absorbed through the leftover residue on counters, clothes, cabinets and floors.

Take Action!

1. Round up your chemical cleaners.

2. Dispose of these toxic cleaners by dropping them off at your local household hazardous waste facility (simply do a a goole search with your town name).

3. Make (from recipes link above) or purchase chemical-free cleaners.

4. Breathe and sleep easy knowing your air quality and health have just improved!