Whenever I hear about another person with cancer my heart breaks a little. It seems like such a ruthless disease and the treatment creates havoc on the body. 

While I have compassion for everyone who has struggled to heal and mitigate cancer cells in their body, I also know that much of cancer in our modern culture is preventable. 

Yes it is true that family history matters and that genetics play a role in our susceptibility to this life threatening disease, but there is another part to this story. 

"Epigenetics are chemical markers attached to our DNA that have ability to essentially turn genes on and off. DNA doesn't change over the course of our lifetime, and it's exactly the same in every cell in our bodies*." 

So how do cells become diversified? "The difference is in the epigenes; these markers turn on the genes that tell a skin cell to behave like a skin cell, while turning off genes that it doesn't need, such as those that would make it act like a brain cell*."

Do  you see where we're going? Everything we do in a sense communicates with these epigenes. So Epigenetic modifications can occur in response to environmental stimuli including our lifestyle and daily food intake. 

While much more research needs to be done in this field, there are some early signs that certain foods (turmeric, cruciferous vegetables, green tea, high quality soy) affect our genome in a more life-enhancing way which helps mitigate and prevent certain diseases including cancer. 

While it is not 100% fool proof and some people get cancer even when they are doing everything "right", it is clear that for the majority, our day-to-day choices have literal consequences. 

So if you want to effect your epigenes to promote cancer cell growth here are a few things to add to your daily life:

  • Consume lots of white sugar in the form of candy bars, muffins, doughnuts, pastries, cookies, and ice-cream at least 7 days a week  
  • Make sure you use nutrasweet, sweet and lo, and splenda on a daily basis
  • Eat factory farm red meat 4-7 days a week 
  • Consume a ton of tuna and other fish containing heavy metals 
  • Skip all fruits especially berries 
  • Stay away from all herbs like parsley, cilantro, dill, turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon
  • Vegetables are for hippies, you don't really need them
  • Especially avoid all the green veggies, they are vile! 
  • Have a sandwich with white flour thin-as-air bread daily
  • Consume conventional dairy (don't forgot 3 cups of milk a day), lunch meats (sodium nitrate, yay!), and factory farmed eggs. 
  • The more foods you eat out of a packaged box the better, don't forget the sugary cereal 
  • Avoid all omega 3 foods and consume many more omega 6--soy, corn, canola--foods
  • Drink tons of unfiltered tap water or waste money and buy plastic water bottles infused with lovely toxic substances
  • Smoke cigarettes 
  • Clean with toxic chemicals and close your windows, don't want any of that goodness to escape
  • Use a conventional dry cleaner and enjoy the toxic residue on your clothes
  • Heat your food in plastic Tupperware in the microwave
  • Sleep on a conventional mattress and pillow so you can breathe toxic fumes more often, have off-gassing carpets everywhere, and buy furniture sprayed with flame retardant chemicals
  • Paint your walls with normal paint and enjoy the volatile organic compounds 
  • Watch the news often and get stressed out as much as you can 
  • Bitch and moan about everyone that is annoying you in your life but never actually do anything about it
  • Worry, worry, worry
  • Keep secrets especially in your most intimate relationships
  • Never address any of your childhood wounds or trauma, stuff them down
  • Sit on the couch and watch TV 3-4 hours a day, 7 days a week, skip moving  your body
  • Use conventional sunscreen with lots of chemicals in it all the time blocking out all vitamin D 
  • Don't use any sunscreen at all and sit in the sun all day long, burn your skin
  • Stay away from nature, be indoors, go to the mall as often as possible, buy pointless stuff to fill your house with
  • Remain busy at all the time, TV, magazines, smartphones, phone calls, movies, going out, work, never schedule yourself a break
  • Workout with the wise motto "no pain, no gain," give it 110% 
  • Use conventional brand shampoos, conditioners, big brand makeup with toxic metals and other personal products with unknown chemicals
  • Breathe lots of polluted city air

I'm sure there a few more rituals we could add but I think this will do for now. 

What daily choices are you making?