The other day I ended up walking around a conventional supermarket and as usual felt saddened by what choices most people have to contend with when making decisions on how to eat.

Besides the veggie and fruit aisles, it seems that not much on the shelves could actually be thought of as 'food'. It is true that more stores now offer cleaner versions of specific products, but they are often tucked away or segregated to one dark corner of the store.

As I continued to walk around I remembered a piece I had read in Jordan Rubin's book The Makers Diet. He has a whole chapter entitled 'How to Make Yourself Sick' which I think is brilliant. The truth is that sometimes we need to hear about how to stay healthy through the lens of contrast.

An adaptation Jordan's idea condensed into 1 day.


2 cups of coffee on empty stomach, no water

25 minutes morning news

15 minutes stressful computer work

1 bowl of blood sugar disrupting cereal

1 glass fake vitamin infused conventional milk

1 handful of hormone disrupting conventional lotion

45 minutes traffic listening to the news

2 pieces conventional chemical sweetened gum

1 day old plastic soda bottle that sat in the sun the previous day

2 white flour sugary baked goods once at work


0 minutes outside air & light

1 chicken sandwich with mayo and cheese no veggies

10 minutes for lunch to ensure poor digestion

1 redbull

1 twix bar for continued blood sugar havoc

2 cups of coffee

10 hours under florescent lighting

4 hours of work stress to burn out adrenals


45 minutes at the gym hitting it super hard, no pain no gain!

3 hours TV time to zone out and not feel

2 hard liquor drinks for liver disruption

1 pre-made microwavable steak dinner

Side of BPA filled canned corn warmed in a toxic teflon pan

Shower using conventional hormone disrupting soaps and shampoos

1/2 pint Haggen Dazs ice cream for more sugar imbalance

Sleep for 5-6 hours starting at midnight ensuring less rest and restore sleep

Repeat for weeks on end and until you get chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, decreased mood, insulin imbalance, and eventually full blown out disease.

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