A few days ago on my birthday I had a very spacious morning. i woke up, made myself a cup of tea, chatted with my beloved family, and threw in a load of laundry.
Some might label doing the washing  on a birthday a screeching violation, but for me laundry  means I get to hang my clothes out to dry in the sun.
I live in California after all where sun rays are abundant and using the dryer often seems silly.
I love this little ritual. Putting the wet clothes in my basket, going outdoors, taking time to place each piece of clothing strategically on the line and on windy days fastening a clothespin for added security.
Hanging my clothes to dry helps me slow down, takes me back in time to simpler days of string and sun, and reminds me of the ever-present abundance and intelligence of nature. On warm days my clothes are done in an hour, pretty good competition for even the best dryer. 
The little gifts in life on a spacious birthday day.