I am obsessed with scraping my tongue. It is one of the most joyful moments of my day. To wake up and swipe away at the accumulated muck that my body has cleansed during the night. What joy!

Why do it you might ask?

1. It helps if you (or a loved one/friend) have chronic bad breath
2. It cleans up the taste buds making food taste more alive
3. With the taste buds more awake the message of being full is better transmitted to the brain.
4. Helps prevent sinus and respiratory infections by getting rid of bacteria build up on the surface of the tongue.
5. It simply feels grand!

If you buy a tongue scraper make sure to purchase an all metal one (plastic yuck) and simply scrape gently 3-4 times. Avoid brushing the tongue as toothbrush bristles tend to be too harsh and simply swirl instead of remove the toxic build up.