I feel like in general I am a pretty giving person. I love creating a sacred space through yoga, communicating care through touch, and sending friends and family random gifts in the mail and out of the blue texts. I donate money at the end of each year to causes around the world, and I try to be conscious about the way I lead my life to minimize my impact on the Earth.

I love giving not because I feel 'selfless' but because it fills me up and makes my life taste better.

The challenge arises when its time to treat myself to something expensive. I always forget that there are times for being Selfish with a capital 'S'.

If I don't take care of myself then how can I have the energy and genuine desire to take care of others?

2013 is thus far turning out to be the year about 'me' and it feels amazing.

In Jan it all started with a haircut. My friend Daniel held my hand as I cut the precious locks of hair I have been attached to for the last few years.

I treated myself to two, two hour massages, remembered to take hot tubs on my busy days, hydrated my body with oil to manage my vatta, ate well, and spent time with loving friends.

This month I decided after 9 years of driving my car that it was time to part ways and purchase an update with a little bit more comfort (while still keeping the environment in mind, although I already feel guilty because the new car has lower gas mileage than my old one).

In Feb I also shelled out some money to hang out with a photographer friend and take some professional photos of myself, for fun and for my marketing.

I have been going to acupuncture and spending money on tasty food and supplements that help me feel energized and nourished.

Finally I am going to make an appointment at the dentist, for too long I have been ignoring my teeth. I need to have a few fillings replaced and I have been resisting spending a ton of money on what now I recognize as important.

Writing large checks that are all about me has been easier than I thought. I usually save my money or love spending it on others, and while I still do, it has been refreshing to carve out time, energy, and green notes to take care of myself first.

As my friend Katie says sometimes you simply have to put your Captain Selfish hat on. Its necessary, important, and absolutely fabulous.