I've been living my life in a contemplative way for over 10 years now but what I love most is the way in which lessons continually show up on my path.

In general I am pretty comfortable with the cycles of life, the reality that things begin, sustain, end, and begin again.

I would label my relationship to change as pretty conscious or connected, and yet there are moments where I notice the friendly beast resistance rise up and say hello.

Over these last few weeks I have dedicated myself to writing on a daily basis.

I spend sometime at home writing, but I also enjoy going out to write.

While there are many cafes in San Diego I have fallen in love with one with a lovely a Parisian atmosphere.The tables are small, the decoration eccentric, and the owner slightly rude.I feel at home when I am there surrounded by beautiful antiques, endless jars of tea, and interesting people walking in and out.

Today, as I walked out of my place a part of me chimed in saying its time to go somewhere new.

Right away I felt a strong wave of residence--really over a silly cafe?

I thought what an interesting microcosm of how even the smallest of change can bring stuff up.
What's interesting is that on one hand humans are hard-wired for continual evolution. "We evolved from single cell organisms over eons, so adaptation is in our blood. As modern humans we are geared to life-long learning and growth. Our brain cells are continually forming new connections and restructuring our perceptions and physiology over time¹."

On the other hand the brain is designed to keep us alive for survival as its number one goal. A familiar environment equals comfort and safety and not as many unknown variables that could pose a threat.

In addition, our reptilian brain responsible for our primary survival functions--eating, sleeping, sex--is more easily activated than our limbic system--emotions, memory, habits--and our pre-frontal cortex--higher order and thinking. "What that means is it takes more effort to think about and do something new than react out of instinct or habit²."

While rewriting habit patterns is a whole different conversation, knowing that my initial surge of resistance is natural makes me breathe a little bit easier, and helps me take a step forward as I shake things up and engage with change.