Large Group of Happy People standing together.

I love moments in my life when I see the teachings of yoga fully coming to life. 
Yesterday I returned my rental car to a Hertz office near the Commons in Boston. 
As I walked in, the sweet lady behind the counter asked me how I was doing. I answered honestly as I was genuinely feeling happy after wrapping up my month here on the East Coast. 
I then asked her how she was doing and she let me know about her splitting headache. 
Luckily I had a 16oz can of coconut water  so I gave it to her and told her about the electrolytes and hydrating qualities that would hopefully subdue her ache. 
As I was saying my goodbyes to head to the T (Boston's Subway) I asked directions to the Orange line. As another kind woman was telling me where to go, one of the other workers overheard us and asked what part of town I was trying to get to. 
I told him Jamaica Plain and without hesitation he offered me a ride as JP is his home. My medium size suitcase and I where ecstatic to be in a car.
As we drove in rush hour traffic we chatted about his work, two daughters, close family connections, and his reliable Honda Accord.
After sometime he dropped me off at my friend's doorstep and I gave him a bag of maple sweetened Kripalu oatmeal, raisin cookies.
I felt so nourished, connected, and in such a flow. I probably will never see these two people ever again but I am grateful for my experience and for the reality that through living yoga I am less armored and more open to the sweet connections life offers, even in these small unexpected ways.