I drove to big-sur today, one of my favorite places on the planet. 

The combination of beautiful ocean views, towering trees, and rolling hills makes it truly breathtaking. 

As my journey progressed from Los Angeles, the roads continually shrunk from a vast California freeway, to a two lane road, to finally a one lane road with twisting turns.

With each vigorous turn I dove more deeply into my focus, but at one point I stepped back in my awareness to realize an excessive feeling of crunch. 

In front, a trail of six or so cars and behind another three. 

I felt stuck, held back by the speed of those before me and pressured by the car in my rear view. 

My mind chimed in, "Take some space at the next turn off," but I didn't listen. 

I continued to struggle with the winding road and then decided I was being ridiculous. I'm not in a rush and I love driving, so why am I choosing misery?

I turned off at the next chance I had and watched the cars trail away. 

As I stretched my body a gift appeared.

For a few moments cars disappeared, nothing from both directions. 

In my taking space traffic paused and the sounds of nature emerged; wind, crashing waves, a bird on the horizon. 

I felt refueled and as I got back on the road no car in front and no car behind. I flowed with a sense of freedom and ease. 

A little space. Going a very long way.