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Yesterday I got my first delivery of fruits and veggies from a nearby farm. I felt excitement and glee--like opening birthday gifts--as I pulled out the treasures inside the bag.

In one small container there was a delicate bed of beautiful, fresh, green sprouts. Even though I have always heard about the benefits of these delicate creatures, for some reason they have never become a regular part of my weekly eating pattern.As I prepped my fresh salad greens, added the sprouts, and savored the delectable flavors in each bite I started to wonder what are the nutrient gifts sprouts offer.

It seems that more and more research is showing that the nutrients available in a mature plant are found in much higher quantities in the sprouted form. A study on broccoli sprouts showed they contained 10 times the amount of sulforaphane a potent organosulfur compound that has shown anti-cancer abilities.

Research has also shown the presence of a potent amino acid analog found in alfalfa that has disease fighting qualities benefiting people suffering from pancreatic, colon and leukemia cancers.

There are many varieties of sprouts including broccoli, alfalfa, cauliflower, mung bean, radish, and sunflower to name a few. Add sprouts to salads, soups, a sandwich, an egg dish, or a wrap.

Sprouting 101