Yoga in the physical sense has been a life enhancing ritual in my life for many years. When I first began to practice I never imagined the ripple of influence that today carries from the mat into the ordinary yet precious moments of my day.

One of the most potent invitations the practice has offered is the idea of living in truth. When I began to dive deeply into this exploration I discovered it was not as simple and clean cut as it first sounded.

Truth is an easy word to throw around but what does it actually look like when we practice stepping into and being in our own truth?

Can we allow the criteria and qualities of our truth to evolve? Do we have the courage to step into the discomfort with being in our own genuineness?

What I have noticed time after time is when there is an ‘elephant’ in the room most people don’t want to speak to it. There is a fear in communicating about what is evident, what needs to be addressed, and what is guaranteed to stir the pot.

What yoga has engrained in me is the inability to simply sit back, nod, and pretend everything is rosy. Time after time I seem to be the one breaking the uncomfortable, unspoken, knowing.

Yoga is often labeled a science that provides repeatable consistent results. In speaking up about the truth of my experience I have found a similar pattern.

Discomfort surges when the elephant is pointed out, resistance and defensiveness are present, and then true to form there is an opening.

A rich conversation unfolds, surface emotions compost, deeper needs are revealed and two truths begin to dance in conversation. Like a flavorless soup brought back to life suddenly the spice and nourishment are present.

I wish I could say it gets easier every time life whispers 'it’s time to step into your truth again'. Yet the difference of now compared to then is that over and over I choose to move forward.

What lies at the other end is simply too valuable to avoid.

Where are you willing to step into the rich and at times prickly inquiry of truth?

Inspired by Katie Brauer