It could be because I am a stubborn Israeli, or because I have spent time in the chaos that somehow functions in India, or because there are moments when breaking the rules gives me a momentary rush of “yippee.”

Whatever the reasons, all I know is that there are times when a stop sign does NOT mean stop.

Yes I agree, 99% of the time it’s an intelligent probability-driven decision to come to a standstill and not take any chances, but what about the 1% that invites risk and holds either nothing or everything?

My regular exit off interstate five loops around to a 3-way stop sign. A stop for me, for the oncoming lane of traffic, and a stop sign for those getting off the freeway from the south.

Often on my drive home, especially in the evening, when I approach the stop sign there are no cars in sight. The intersection is extremely vast and visible. The first couple of times I would stop, thinking better safe than sorry, right? Wrong!

After awhile I inquired, where else in my life do I stop without second thought, a true assessment of the situation, or because that is the way I have been programmed?

Where else do I follow all the rules and become numb? Where else do I not act based on the feedback I am getting from the world? Am I letting my preconceived stories or beliefs that I am carrying from the past, or fearing from the future, rule my world?

Am I begging for trouble? Maybe. Yet all I know is that life is too short to stop all the time. I have goals, desires, and a deep hunger to share.

Sometimes the world will say stop! And I will say, not I, not now; the way is clear, why would I stop?

Madonna sums it up in her song, Like it or Not: “This is who I am, you can like it or not, you can love me or leave me, ‘cause I’m never gonna stop!”

Please drive safely :)