I often find myself attracted to subject matters that defy my Virgo nature to box things up and reach a final conclusions. Its probably the reason that I love nutrition. 

Just when I think I have a grasp of something I discover more about how food and the body interact.

In my latest exploration I have been reading and listening about the role of sulfur in regards to health. 

Sulfur works in the background and is key in:

  1. Biological functioning and shape of proteins.
  2. Enzyme functionality.
  3. Detoxification.
  4. Hair, nail, and joint health. 
  5. Maintenance and integrity of cellular systems. 

How can you get enough sulfur in your diet?

  1. Eat more onions, leeks, shallots and garlic (if you find raw too pungent, steam them lightly). 
  2. Consume more cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, bock chop and other members of the Brassicas family (again lightly steamed is best for sulfur availability). 
  3. Explore grass fed beef, pastured eggs, and omega 3 rich fish.

Especially if you find yourself struggling with depression, fatigue, or high stress add in some sulfur foods and notice if they make a difference.