Today I started snacking on tasty farm fresh orange tomatoes. My tastebuds went wild, it felt like a dance party out of control. 

I have always loved the taste of tomatoes when they are in season, but I tend to forget how good they really are.

Luckily I get reminded every single year. 

In addition to adding color to your life tomatoes have many other fun facts: 

  • Believed to have originated in Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Chilie, and the western half of Boliva
  • High in lycopene which is useful in bone health, heart health, and prevention of prostate cancer
  • The french call it the 'love apple' 
  • Its really a fruit or more specifically a berry of the plant Lycopersicon esculentum
  • Tomatoes are nightshades and may create digestive and joint inflammation in some very sensitive individual

To summer love.