Over the last several weeks I have been in a deeper inquiry of raising my energy, increasing immunity, and supporting my mood. My intention for 2013 is to fully thrive and take greater responsibility for what I put into my body.

Although I consider myself a healthy eater I know that food--even when organic--does not contain all of the nutrient supports I need to support my body to be at its most vital operating health.

The world of supplements is vast so it is important to choose high quality brands and ensure high quality ingredients in what you take. I prefer supplements that use herbs and food as opposed to synthetic substances created in a lab.

Especially if you are feeling blue, low energy, anxious, or have low immunity its time to give the body a helping hand.

Here are some of the supplements I take on a weekly basis, what I like most about them, and a link in case you want to read more:

1. Vitamin D: increases immunity, mood, and this paritcular brand used extra virgin olive oil a rarity in D liquid supplements.

2. Krill Oil: one of the most absorbable omega 3 sources and if you don't consume meat products this one is made with fish gelatin, most others use animal gelatin.

3. Medicinal Mushrooms: huge immunity boosters and help fight free radicals and prevent cancer, amazing!

4. Adrenal Support: rhodiola rosea is one of the most amazing herbs to refuel the adrenals which are depleted in most people. Get your energy back.

5. B Food Complex: one of the most potent energy boosters, B vitamins help the nervous system and metabolism.

If you decide to buy any of these PureFormulas offers pretty amazing deals and free shipping. You can also use the discount code next10 at checkout to get a 10% discount...if its not a hassle also add my referral code RBVJWD.


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