Yesterday I taught at a charity event here in San Diego called One Love. I was so humbled to be there helping to raise money for two amazing organizations that work with homeless and underprivileged youth. 
In my life I feel like I have made many mistakes and life detracting decisions but I had a strong foundation that helped me bounce back much quicker. These kids grew up  without the basic needs and their mistakes seem to carry a much heavier cost.
As I was guiding my segment of the class I talked about love as a sustaining force. The teachings of yoga place love in the Vishnu category of life, the thread that runs through our experience to bolster us every day on what sometimes seems like an uphill path. 
Love as a word is so overused in our culture, what does it really mean to each and every one of us? I like to contemplate its qualities of affection, appreciation, friendship, respect, tenderness, enjoyment, connection, touch, and the gift of being seen and heard. 
When I look at these words--knowing there are so many more--I better grasp the way these elements really are the backbone of my world. I have sourced love from myself, family, friends, intimate relationships, and the natural world and I feel blessed to be supported and upheld by this universal sustaining energy. 
As the One Love event reminded me regardless of our background, status, race, gender, sexual orientation every person deserves to stand on solid ground and have the possibility and opportunity to engage with life in order to thrive. 
So much gratitude to all those who give their time to help others feel and experience what is often a given for so many.