If you don't have 4 minutes fast forward the video a few times, but make sure to see what happens to these individual metronomes by the end of the video, then read below.

As you saw the metronomes eventually synced up with one another. How is this possible?
It goes to show that we are more interconnected then we might think. Everything we think, feel, say, and do has impact and the power of the collective--whether that be in the micro of your body or the macro of individual people coming together--is potent.
In Yoga we create this type of harmonious fluid orchestration as we synch  body, breath, mind/attention. When these three line up we often have moments of insight, ease, sweetness, and a feeling of belonging. 
The pulse and rhythm of life is often challenging to access in the hectic stressed out modern world. 
Yoga and other contemplative practices can support us to sync back up with the intelligence of life. 
Read much more on this video and entrainment at Elephant Journal...thank you Scott! 

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