Yesterday was a day that reminded me of that sometimes things simply won't go my way.

I woke up after 5 hours of sleep (and 3 previous nights of insomnia) to greet the day with low energy. I was full of hope as the morning went smoothly. I made breakfast, prepped my lunch, and met my friend for round two of my photoshoot.

I got into my new car and drove to get car insurance, and this is where things began to go downhill.

I got off the highway and headed straight instead of turning left. Made a U turn and turned right instead of turning left. Got to the insurance place running late to my DMV appointment.

The insurance sales guy was super nice and friendly in a genuine way so I thought the tide was shifting but then I got to the DMV.

There was a long line that I ended up standing in for about 20min before figuring out that if you had an appointment you can cut the line and go to a different window.

I was late for my appointment but they let me in. The lady kindly informed me that I needed a birth certificate or passpot to get my California driver's license a fact I didn't know about.

She said I can still have my vehicle verified. Got paperwork, drove my car around back and ended up in the 'driving test' lane as opposed to the 'car inspection' lane. Figured it out and switched.

Once I was back in the building my number was called. I thought to myself how great and convieniet to make an appointment at the DMV. When I got to the booth no one was there.

Eventually the woman came back. She was still taking care of another customer but had called my number. She said it would be a moment. Well, the moment turned into 25min of me standing around while she made mistakes.

I requested she transfer me to another clerk but she kept ignoring me as time went on.

Once she was finally done with the other man (after almost overcharging him $80), she turned to me. I bought my car from out of state so the dealership had sent the title to the DMV.

She headed to the back office to look for the title and came back empty handed. I called the dealership in Montana to ask them where the title was.

The lady said there are two DMV's in San Diego and that maybe I had sent the title to the other office branch. I looked at my email records and wanted to strangle myself. I indeed sent it to the other location.

I apologized to the woman for being a bit snippy with her and headed out. I was hungry and had my lunch in the car but I figured there would be a long line at the next location and I can eat once I am standing in line.

I had work in about one hour but I decided that I had made all of this effort so should put my best foot forward and carry on.

I headed to the other DMV. On my way there I took the south ramp instead of the north one to get back on the highway.

This is when I broke out into a few loud screams. Holding it in is simply not an option.

After turning around, I got there, couldn't find parking, eventually did, came to the front of the building--now without a scheduled appointment--to find a line out the door.

I had my lunch in hand ready to chow down on tasty brussels sprouts and soba noodles when I noticed a large glaring sign screaming 'no food and drink in building'.

That is when I decided to throw in the towel. One of the reasons I was rushing to get my car registered was because in Cali once you buy insurance (with an out of state car) you have 5 days to prove that your car is registered in the state.

I am heading to the Bay Area on Sunday so the earliest time I could come back to the DMV is next Thursday. I reread my insurance letter and it said 5 business days.

That was all of the info I needed to say TAKE 2. I was done. It was time to engage the situation by choosing to disengage.

I got in my car defeated, hungry, but glad that I was able to make a choice to stop my suffering.

Sometimes a take 2 is the most intelligent solution in the face of constant roadblocks.

Next Thursday it will be smooth running at the DMV...I hope :)