What happens when you take two potent health foods and invite them to the same party?

Yum, and more yum for the taste buds.

Tamari Almonds are one of my favorite snacks but do be careful as they can be slightly addictive.

While its easy to go to Whole Foods or your local Co-Op to pick these up, if you have an added minute they are super easy to prepare yourself.

First lets look at our Almonds. Like all nuts it is important to either purchase the Sprouted form or to do it yourself by soaking the raw nut overnight.

Most nuts contain phytic acid which binds essential minerals like zinc, iron, calcium etc. in our digestive tract. Over time this can lead to mineral deficiencies. Soaking or sprouting takes care of this little obstacle.

Second lets explore Tamari. Soy is a controversial issue with both pro and anti camps rising up a storm. I believe in moderation high quality forms of soy are great and Tamari is a star.

This high quality soy sauce is Gluten-Free, comes from fermented soy—making it easier to digest, and it’s a good way to get a salty flavor while giving our friendly sea salt a well deserved break.

Third lets make magic.

  • Heat up a cast-iron or stainless steal pan to medium heat.
  • Place your almonds in and begin either stir or feel like a real chef and grab the pan by the handle lightly shake it to toss the almonds around.
  • Once the almonds have lightly roasted turn the heat high for a brief 5 seconds, turn the heat off, drizzle your desired amount of tamari and right away stir or toss once more for 10-15 seconds.
  • If you hear a sizzle you have hit the sweet spot.

Enjoy warm or set aside, let cool, and use as a snack throughout the day.