I'm in St. Louis, MO and while I brought the sun with me from San Diego, the temperature is low enough to warrant the indulgence of the ritual of tea.

If you purchase high quality tea the makers might put a reminder on the box of how long to steep it for to create a cup of perfection, but incase the info isn't there or you use loose tea a friend emailed me this handy picture, what a useful resource! 

There is an art to making tea and the first step begins with water temperature and the amount of time you steep the tea for. 

If you get really passionate you can buy a kettle with variable temperature settings, or just buy a tea thermometer to measure the temp of your water.

While it might be easy to simply boil water and steep for a random amount of time, making tea in this way ushers in a whole ritual of mindfulness, awareness, and is guaranteed to increase your enjoyment, on a cool winter day. 

*original source for photo