Days go by and even if you are feeling healthy it could be that your body is slowly being depleted of essential nutrients that are vital to protect you as you age. 
More and more research is showing that many of our modern day diseases (cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) are impacted because we are depleted on the inside.
Although the tides are shifting very very slowly the majority of Doctor's are not trained on the essential role micronutrients play in the long term ability of the body to prevent disease.
If Dr's prescribed vitamins and minerals first many diseases could be easily treated and billion of dollars saved.  
According to Dr. Mark Hyman an expert in functional medicine there are a few basic supplements that are key for our long term vitality. 
If you are not taking these on a regular basis remember that you might not be feeling the effects today but there is a high probability you are setting yourself up for failure in the future. 
The key with any supplement is to remember that all supplements ARE NOT created equal by any means. Only buy brands that have a quality reputation (yes they will cost more but in the long run they'll save you more). 
So what are the ABC's of supplement health?
  1. A high quality multivitamin targeted specifically for your gender 
  2. Vitamin D3
  3. Omega 3's 
  4. A probiotic 
  5. And for women its also vital to add an absorbable magnesium/calcium supplement to nourish healthy bone

Here are  a few links of high quality products. For vitamin D3 ensure you buy a product that has a high quality oil (olive or MCT oil) and probioitics are better bought at a local store vs. online as they need to be kept refrigerated. 

The basics are the basics ensure your health and vitality for the future as simple as ABC.