Growing up in Israel omelets, scrambles or hard boiled eggs where always a part of our weekly routine.

While living in Vermont one of my good friends introduced me to the technique of poaching an egg, which created an egg revolution in my taste buds and heart.

First its important to dismantle the myth that egg yolks are unhealthy and egg whites are superior.

Its a protein gimmick, and the average American consumes 40% too much protein to begin with. Too much protein leaches out vital minerals and exhausts the kidneys.

So why a whole egg? Why poached? According to Nutritionist John Bagnulo: "Choline, one nutrient found in egg yolks, is particularly important for the liver’s efforts to detoxify our bodies and is also critical for normal brain development in children...Poaching, hard boiling, or soft boiling eggs is the best way to prepare them as it keeps the yolk intact and prevents the lipids inside from becoming oxidized (as they do when they are fried or scrambled). The cholesterol in an egg yolk only becomes a problem when it is oxidized..." (for more read John's article)

So how do you cook a perfect poached egg? High quality egg, vinegar (I like apple cider), a swirl, and veggies on the side :)

Watch below!