It has been awhile since I wrote anything but it is time to break the silence, and with one of my favorite topics. How utterly odd our modern world is. 

The other day I went to drop pick up my nephew from his new day-care class in a school of 150 kids. As always my Virgo eyes scan for danger and toxins hiding in plane site. 

Sadly I wasn't surprised when near the sink I noticed hand sanitizer, soft scrub antibacterial soap, and dawn dishwashing liquid. 

We live in a world where exposing our young to toxic chemicals in not only legal but often way too common. 

If you are thinking how much hard can these products really have? Take a breath! 

  • Hand Sanitizers:
    • Don't really work
    • Create antibacterial resistance
    • Lower immunity 
    • ALTERNATIVE: non-toxic sanitizers like Clean Well or old fashion soap and water. 
    • Want to read more click here
  • Antibacterial Soap:
    • No more effective than normal soap and water
    • Create antibacterial resistance
    • Disrupts the endocrine (hormone) system
    • Gets transferred up the food chain eventually back to us.
    • ALTERNATIVE: Regular soap bar or organic liquid hand soap.
    • Want to read more click here.
  • Dishwashing Liquid:
    • Poisonous
    • Linked to cancer
    • Creates genetic problems
    • Negative impacts on fish population. 
    • ALTERNATIVE: Seventh generation, method, google how to make at home etc. 
    • Want to read more click here

It is time we start protecting our kids not only at home but at schools, where they spend the majority of their time. Reach out to your school and educate.

Clean Well has wonderful resources and pricing options for schools.