At Yoga Six, the studio I work for we offer all types of yoga classes. Room temperature, warm, and several steamy HOT classes. 
Although I am not a huge fan of high heat I do love the sweaty detox effect of cleansing my pores. 
A few weeks ago after teaching a few hot classes and taking a few I felt extremely depleted. 
I had drunk tons of water before and after class and made sure to have coconut water to replenish my electrolytes, but still I couldn't come out of a cloud of fatigue for a several days. 
I then remembered a nutritionist friend talking to me about trace minerals and how they serve as the nuts and bolts for the body to perform many hormone, enzyme, gland, and organ functions. 
One of my favorite things to do in life is to buy new supplements and use myself to experiment, so I did just that. 
I have to say I am now a believer. I put a few drops of trace minerals in my water every day and my energy level has increased. Even after a hot sweaty yoga class I don't experience the same lethargic feeling. 
Even if you are not sweating a ton in your life trace minerals are vital. Our soil is depleted of good minerals and filtered water often removes many of these vital components. 
Trace Minerals can support:
  • Bone and joint health
  • Electrolyte replacements 
  • More even PH balance
  • Ease of muscle tension and enhanced calcium assimilation due to high levels of magnesium 
  • Improved electrical impulses increasing body functionality 

Especially if you feel drained or are a someone who sweats at the drop of a pin explore re-charging your body. All you need are a few drops.