I feel like this summer was a time of falling in love all over again with Trees. After spending almost two months back on the East Coast I got to visit with the redwoods of Northern Cali, and I am BLOWN away.

Trees are one of the most fascinating and spectacular manifestations of intelligent life, they make me pause with AWE. Why? Here are a few magical reasons...

-An acre of trees uses 5,880 pounds of carbon dioxide and gives us 4,280 pounds of oxygen each year. The average car gives off 12,000 pounds of CO2. We breathe about 12,000 pounds of oxygen each year.

-Trees infested with insects/worms produce an excess of chemicals in their leaves to reduce the nutritional value of the leaves but also warn neighboring trees. Following the warning, nearby trees will begin to produce the same chemicals, defending themselves from the insects.

-The Wild Fig tree at Echo Caves, near Ohrigstad, Mpumalanga, South Africa has roots reaching 400 feet making it the deepest a tree’s roots have ever penetrated.

-Trees transpire water from their leaves adding an additional cooling factor to simply providing shade.

- The giant sequoia named “General Sherman” in the redwood forest California is the tallest tree with a height of 275 feet.

-Tree rings can be used by scientists to discover what unfolded historically in a particular area or climate.

And so much more...go hug a tree and say THANK You :)