I am blessed that my work involves being around people and spending time in the play and energy of yoga. At the same time before I teach a class, workshop, or training a large part of my life seems to unfold on the computer. Sound familiar?

Computers and technology are with us every single day and just like everyone else I find myself at times, feeling addicted. Thursday morning I flew up to Northern California to go on retreat. Not to teach at a retreat or lead a retreat.

It was the first time in a very long while I gave myself permission to go away and not work in any capacity. In addition to taking time off I decided I was going to unplug from technology. I turned my computer off Thursday AM and didn't get back on until Sunday eve.

A part of me wants to label it as silly but another part of me feels victorious that I was away from email, to-do lists, and a computer screen for three whole days.

When do you unplug?