On Saturday I had a gift of a day largely because of time spent in nature. A friend and I drove east from San Diego and found a trail that proclaimed to have a water hole as its final prize.

As we headed out with coconut water, snacks, and sunscreen in tow, it was liberating to know we didn't have a specific time we needed to be back.

Although I get out in nature every week, being fully immersed with no grand plan was extremely freeing.

After a three mile journey we reached the water hole, explored it, and saw a further way that required climbing over rocks and taking the path less traveled.

We decided to go for it and in good old fashion the scenery kept going on and on, one water pool after another and incredible rock formations.

At one point I realized that I hadn't heard a mechanical human sound the whole time.

No planes, trains, or cars. Nature kept offering its beauty with flowering succulents, buzzing bees and smooth rocks of all shapes, colors, and sizes.

We continued on until the rocks because to hefty to climb over, no imposed time limit, simply nature setting the agenda of when it was the moment to turn back.

In a world where the clock is so regimented and structured, I found it priceless to have space to simply be, discover, play, and garner the gifts of unstructured time.

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