My teacher and friend Devarshi Steven Hartman always plays this song at the end of yoga teacher trainings. I love it because it has such potency and always helps me remember that I live in Svatantrya, freedom.

I live in a Universe where I have to contend with energies larger than me, impacts of others, and yet within all of that I still have room to maneuver my path.

The Tantra pushes back against the idea of 'destiny'. Yes, each and everyone of us has been given diverse gifts, but there is no predetermined path you are on or particular lessons you need to learn.

As Douglas Brooks reminds us: “Life has no meaning, no purpose, no goal, no objective, and that’s the good news. You are given an opportunity for a relationship, expect it to be difficult and rare.”

If the rest is still unwritten, what exactly are you putting your energy towards in your life?