One of my main nutrition principles is moderation and rotation so after some time using a plant based protein powder I decided to experiment with whey. 

To my surprise it seems that I have been living in dark ages as every other person I talked to was already consuming whey protein. 

Even some holistic practitioners that don't advocate the use of dairy approve of the benefits of of this magical white powder. 

As usual in our wonderfully advanced culture most people consuming whey protein don't think twice about where their product comes from and as a result are using a denatured product full of unnecessary synthetic additives, heavy metals, and chemical detergents. 

In addition, it is vital to avoid whey protein isolate a similarly processed product like soy protein isolate, both or which are created in a lab. 

The bottom line is that the quality of the protein is going to depend on the how the cow is being fed, treated, and milked. 

A factory farm cow is full of stress hormones, consumes soy and corn, given antibiotics, and is over milked. 

A grass-fed cow is out on pasture, gets sun, and is less stressed.

It is also important to note that per the FDA, all powdered dairy products must undergo some level of pastuerization to be sold.

Any product that claims to be fully RAW is not telling the whole truth. 

This means that its up to the company selling whether they take extra steps to ensure low temperature pasteurization to maintain the full range of biologically active proteins that carry the benefits of whey. 

So now that we have quality down what is all the hype about?

  • Provides the body the building blocks for glutathione--a top notch antioxidant in the body which acts like sticky fly paper and helps remove free radicals and some heavy metals.  
  • It's a clean source of high quality protein to help boost energy levels. 
  • Supports better blood sugar regulation. 
  • Helps boost immune system functionality.
  • Supports healthy muscle building. 
  • Is a potent source of amino acids. 

With high quality as the first guiding principle here are a few brands committed to wholesome whey.