A few weeks back while I was in Los Angeles I had an experience of living yoga.

I went for a run in a small park near my sister's house. My first time around the running track I noticed a man sitting in one of the outdoor workout stations speaking to himself.

I had a thought; he is probably talking to someone on his bluetooth.

I continued around the track and came around again this time noticing he clearly didn't have a bluetooth device in his ear.

Another thought arose; he looks like an older man, maybe he hears voices in his head and talks to them out loud.

One more time around the park--i like doing things in threes--and again I passed by the man this time noticing he had a script in his right hand.

It all made sense, he wasn't crazy--although who is really sane--he was practicing for something.

I felt an internal lightness thinking how wonderful to be able to observe my mind in such away. Its beautiful desire to create labels, to categorize people, to create a sense of safety in knowing.

How blessed I am that yoga has given me the ability to step back, see my desire to adhere to the first thought that comes up, and to ultimately stay open to the various possibilites every situation has in store.

Only in Los Angeles, crazy people, talking on the phone, and to themselves, with a script in hand :)