On some days I want to SCREAM at people around me 'Wake The FUCK Up!'

I know recycled toilet paper is a bit rough on your bum, I know spending a bit more on ethically raised meat means you won't be able to buy your Starbucks coffee every day next week, I know that making time to research the issues and casting your vote would burden your to do list.

Hello! Have you read the statistics lately of where our planet is headed?

Isn't this view and so many like it worth taking a stance? Stepping back, bursting the bubble of your day-to-day life, recognizing you either contribute to the problem or are a part of the solution.

I have compassion, I know its not easy, I know it creates inconvenience sometimes, I know it takes effort, I know we have a ton to do. But when history looks back at this time and this generation, do you want to be remembered for those that wrecked our little blue planet?

The crazy thing is that we can get most everything we already use today in an eco-friendly version, (and yes I admit some things are still being worked on to be up to queen and king standards). From organic wool rug tiles, bamboo furniture, sustainable salmon leather (yes there are even high heels), non-toxic cleaners, to an intelligent thermostat, ceramic speakers, and a device that enables you to charge your iPhone when riding your bike. Its all there!

Lets create more win/wins, isn't it worth it?

Need green gift ideas? And remember donating money to green causes is always an awesome gift!