In my exploration of new movement practices I went to take a yoga sculpt class being taught by a friend. I didn't know what to expect in this blend of yoga with weights, but I was staying open in order to have an authentic experience.

The music was loud and upbeat, sweat was pouring, and the class ebbed and flowed from intensity and celebration of success to moments of internal reflection. It had elements of yoga, facets of an aerobic gym class, and let me tell you Warrior II with eight pound weights (some where using heavier ones) was a whole new playing field.

This morning I feel my body in a new way and my mood is uplifted. I hold yoga as a very sacred practice in my life and yet I am happy I was able to still stay open to the Western world's blend. From yoga and chocolate to weights, how about yoga & __________ (fill in the blank). Be honest what was the first thought you had ?

Keep it fresh!