Inspired by his study of Tantra...Arguetty presents seed concepts drawn from yoga philosophy and his own life potential opportunities for self-exploration.
— Yoga Journal
So well written. A book I will reference and cherish for life.
— Maureen O.
Nourishing the Teacher is comprehensive, thought provoking, wise and very, very beautiful.
— Madelyn C.
This was the first book I have ever considered buying twice, so I could have both the Kindle edition with me everywhere, and the paperback for its beautiful content.
— Michael S.
Beautifully written, and a fantastic read! This book allows for inner dialogue and creativity to flourish.
— Michie R.

Nourishing the Teacher is a rich resource for yoga practitioners and teachers who want to deepen their practice with focused theme based inquires. The book draws upon the vast intelligence of Tantric yoga philosophy, nature, and ancient cultures to provide a creative springboard for a more fulfilling well-rounded yoga experience.

Every Theme Includes:

  • Thought provoking insights
  • Posture ideas
  • Off the matt inquiries
  • Descriptive synonyms
  • Inspirational phrases
  • A creative image
  • Specific breath techniques
  • A closing class ritual
  • An additional teacher's note on how to best embody and implement the theme

Revitalize the way you practice, live, and teach the art & science of yoga!

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