• Yoga Six Gold Coast (map)
  • 1150 North State Street
  • Chicago, IL
  • USA

Journey into the six attributes of existence and discover how they reside in you, as you, and all around you. Celebrate profound intelligence, unbounded freedom, your perfect yet ever evolving nature, the joy of community, the promise of infinite abundance, and the natural ebb and flow of life in continual primal motion. Through our time together you will: 

✓ Gain more scope on yoga’s migration to the West.

✓ Understand the difference between yoga’s diverse philosophical traditions.

✓ Learn about the Tantra’s rich heritage and varied teachings.

✓ Immerse in the latest scientific research highlighting the physiological and psychological benefits of everyday mindfulness and practical yogic wellness techniques.

✓ Marvel in awe inspiring life examples sourced from the natural world.

✓ Engage in practical exercises to awaken each quality and invoke more clarity, connection, skill, and beauty on your path.