• Whidby Island Institute (map)

Join this transformational and restorative weekend designed to support gay men to reconnect to the body, build community, enjoy healthy food, recharge in nature,  and facilitate a rich voyage of personal and collective discovery and healing. Through time-honored techniques gathered from Yoga, Coaching, Ancient Cultures, and the Wisdom of Nature, this weekend experience utilizes group discussion, personal journaling, experiential exercises, body movement, breath techniques, conscious non-sexual touch and so much more. 

In this rejuvenating weekend you will:

  • Learn about the science of awareness and cultivate conscious response vs. mindless reaction to every day events 

  • Dive into the core teachings of Positive Psychology and plant seeds for true happiness and fulfillment 

  • Practice conscious communication to speak your truth, listen actively, and reduce interpersonal drama 

  • Explore the power of all levels yoga, structured breath techniques, and other mindfulness practices

  • Discover the potency of whole food nutrition and essential nutrients that help men thrive

  • Take time to relax and recharge in the grandeur of the natural world

  • Reawaken your inner child, let go of taxing seriousness, and have fun!!!