• Kripalu Center (map)
  • 57 Interlaken Road
  • West Stockbridge, MA, 01266
  • United States

For all levels.

Charge your practice with a vital, creative, and vigorous yoga flow to usher in the New Year. In this movement-based program filled with inquiry, dynamic asana, conscious breathwork, and deep inner listening, you

  • Learn the latest physiological and psychological research on mindfulness

  • Explore practical yoga techniques to strengthen your awareness muscle

  • Step into intelligent alignment as you sweat and detoxify

  • Evolve your personal or teaching practice through new postures, sequences, and innovative movements

  • Recalibrate your nervous system for more energy and greater clarity.

Take time out to reignite your life and infuse consciousness, skill, and possibility into the vast and rich experience of living yoga.

Recommended reading Danny Arguetty, The 6 Qualities of Consciousness and Nourishing the Teacher.