• Kripalu Center (map)
  • 57 Interlaken Road
  • West Stockbridge, MA, 01266
  • United States

For all levels.

Embody and explore teachings from the tantric tradition of yoga that provide a roadmap to fulfillment and vitality. This movement-based program, filled with dynamic asana, fluid breath, inquiry, philosophy, and deep inner listening, offers a vibrant kick-start to your year.

Immerse yourself in the latest physiological and psychological research on the benefits of yoga, mindfulness, and wellness. Evolve your personal practice or teaching through new postures, sequences, and innovative movements as you

  • Sweat, detoxify, and work with alignment
  • Connect to your body’s inherent intelligence
  • Tap into the power of your personal freedom, gain clarity, and formulate potent action steps for success.

Learn to infuse consciousness into yoga’s physical postures, creating a springboard to a vast and rich experience of life.