WARNING! If you are offended easily by the conversation of sex, touch, and the physical body DO NOT READ FURTHER.
In a recent intimate connection I was reminded of a very sweet part of the magic and pleasure of various parts of my body.
Our sex obsessed culture seems to be so focused on genital stimulation, but I presume the majority of men and women, straight or gay would attest that foreplay, touch, and sensuality are just as potent as the main event.
In my explorations it was my ear that was a surprisingly sweet spot. The back, front, and inner parts served as an unexpected conduit for pleasure.
In the path of Tantra Yoga (which is not solely focused on sexual experience) we are invited to taste and step into the whole spectrum of the human experience.
It only makes sense that we employ this same principle in the conversation that occurs between two lovers in an exchange of touch, sensation, and pleasure.
So what are other reported non-genital 'hot spots' that might elicit a moan or two?
For MEN:
  • The outer edge of the ear which has a large bundle of nerves.
  • Outside of the lower lip also contains sensitive nerves.
  • The nipples can be a seductive spot, but not for all men, ask first, then explore a few licks, kisses, or tiny bites.
  • The perineum is often considered the male 'g-spot'. Gay men are very familiar with this spot and straight men deserve just as much pleasure. Play with putting a little bit of pressure in this magical spot and watch him erupt.   
  • The place just below the adams apple, yum!


  • The inner thighs are a wonderful place for a kiss or two.
  • A few tiny bites or just strong breath on the back of the neck can create a bit of a stir. 
  • Same as men, the outer edge of the ear. 
  • Many women enjoy a light caress and gentle kissing of their wrists. 
  • The breasts and nipples are never a bad place to generate pleasure. 

Finally, for both men and women the lips and kissing are often one of the most stimulating activities that can lead to much much more. But don't rush, spend some time here and you will be rewarded!

So what are you waiting for? Make a date, find a date, and explore!