I went out on a date last night in my continued efforts to be out in the world, meet new men, and move away from my life as a 'monk'. I love meeting new people as I always find what folks are up to extremely interesting, but its the few minutes 'pre-date' that tantalize me most.

Maybe its because I am a hopeless romantic, have an active imagination, or maybe its simply because I am human. Those seconds before I see, talk, and connect there is a rush of possibility, a gateway of 'this might be the one for a while'.

I feel a slight high like being at the edge of a cliff, ready to dive off into a vast space of freedom, challenge, and something of value.

Regardless of what happens on the actual date I find that I always come back to these 'pre-date' moments to keep me going. The space in between that holds so much potency like the seconds before an artist or musician dive into the flow of creation.

Full of hope, excitement, and vast possibility. And who said dating isn't fun?

If you are already in partnership do you remember the 'pre-date' moment with your beloved?