Studio shot of two hands holding each other

The modern world in which we live in is a very beautiful place with so much going for it. Yet at the same time our "developed nations" are seeing increased rates of depression, anxiety, and autoimmune dysfunctions. 

Whatever the reasons-over emphasis on the individual journey, materialism, lack of making time, or a compromised interior chemical state due to low quality nutrition-a sense of isolation and misconnection plagues many. 

What I appreciate about human ingenuity is that it always has a way of rising up to the occasion of the times. Over the last few years a whole new stream of business is showing up to meet familiar needs with an added dose of connection. 

The last few times I have needed a ride to the airport non of my friends where around so I used the car service Uber and Lyft to give me a ride. In both instances I had a wonderfully rich conversation with the drivers and left feeling much warmer inside. 

On my recent trip to St. Louis for Yoga Teacher Training instead of staying at a hotel I explored Air B and B and stayed with a couple in their extra room. They where exactly on my wavelength and throughout the 10 days we had very sweet interactions. 

Finally as I continue to explore the dating front someone recently introduced me to Tinder a simple dating app that lets you swipe right if you are drawn to someone and left if you are not interested. The conversation only begins if both swiped right.

I love this because it honors the human reality of some initial attraction and it motivates meeting sooner than later as there isn't as many details present as are on other dating sites. It might mean a few more unpredictable date stories but at least its encouraging people to spend time with other people. 

So while I believe that many elements of technology can further enlist people in isolating I am pleased to see that these creative services are reigniting the time tested need we all have for connection.