As we close out 2013 it is vital to celebrate all of the shifts that have occurred science, politics, and activism that bring us closer to harmony with the planet and provide a better platform for quality living and health.  
At the same time it is vital to continue to illuminate the places  we lag behind, especially in the areas where what is lurking in the background, is invisible and poses a huge risk--especially to our young. 
80,000 is the number of chemicals that are being produced and used by various industries every single day. 
The scary part is that the burden of proof doesn't lie with the corporations. 
Let me repeat that. They can put chemicals in products without needing to prove that the toxins are safe for humans.
Oh so you mean we are really all guinea pigs being experimented on? YES! 
But lets boil it down in day-to-day terms.
  • Toxic off gassing from vinyl floors--which babies crawl on--are now suspect in autism.
  • BPA which is one chemical that did finally get attention--one down 79,999 to go--is linked to disruption of the thyroid and decreased intelligence. 
  • PVC's  found in rain coats, detergents, cosmetics, and toys create havoc for the endocrine system and reduce testosterone in babies and adults. 
  • PFOA's found in non-stick cookware are linked to cancer, birth defects, and thyroid problems.
  • Flame retardant chemicals--think how much of your life do you spend on your mattress--have been shown to cause problems in fetal development, thyroid disfunction, and decrease fertility. 
  • These chemicals are found in couches, shower curtains, carpets, pillows, toys, conventional cleaners, cosmetics, kitchenware and so much more. 

It might be cheap to furnish your home at Target and Wallmart but what are the consequences if your internal home environment is inundated with chemicals?

Due to so many toxins and their effects the science community has coined a new term to describe babies born with already persistent chemicals in their system. 'Pre-Polluted'. 

What has our world come to when children are born with toxins already in their system? 

It might seem overwhelming at first but its actually not that hard to make choices that are chemical free. 

There are many issues to engage with around the environment and health. But the reality is that the more we ignore the effects of invisible yet extremely harmful unregulated chemicals the greater disadvantage we create for future generations. 

Lets be the change!