First of all I want to say that the guinea pig is just way too cute and why would anyone want to run experiments on such a fluffy creature? 

Second I know that I continue to harp on this subject matter over and over again but it amazes me how many people put on the blinders when it comes to personal CHEMICAL  exposure.

So let us get a few things clear:

  1. There are 80,000 unregulated chemicals in the majority of personal care,  cleaning products, and common household items people use. Unregulated means there is no government agency responsible for testing this shit. It is all based on testing the companies conduct. They decide whether it is SAFE or UNSAFE. What? 
  2. YES! So it is vital to remember that most corporations DO NOT care about your HEALTH, they care about their bottom line. I know it is SHOCKING that people would abuse the system and get rich while you poison your body, well actually it's just what humans have been doing since the beginning of time. Anyone getting upset yet?
  3. Chemicals in the body create disruption for our endocrine system. Have you had any experiences with HORMONES? I bet you have and you know that these critters are very very POWERFUL! So now imagine how these chemicals are altering your internal functionality, or even worst your kid's.
  4. It all comes down to what you are breathing, what you are putting on your skin, and what you are eating. These are the major ways in which toxic chemicals get into our body and wreck havoc. 
  5. Take off your BLINDERS and take action!
  6. -REDUCE plastic from your life and NEVER HEAT it.
  7. -EXCOMMUNICATE any personal health products, and I mean ANY, that have an above 3 rating on the the Skin Deep Personal Care Product Database.
  8. -THROW OUT all cleaning products (including dishwashing soap, dishwasher packets, and laundry detergent) that are not made with nature's brilliance and have a warning label on them. If they can poison you, your kids, or our waterways there is no need to have them around.
  9. -UNDERSTAND which foods are more heavily sprayed and buy them organic.
  10. -CONTEMPLATE how your home might be an off gassing factory from cheap synthetic curtains, pillows, teflon pans, blankets, couches, mattresses and carpets. Switch to non-toxic home items. 

It might be overwhelming at first but at the end of the day if you buy anything that can't be traced to natural source it might be hazardous to your health. 

I know what you are thinking, he's crazy, the human body is strong, a little toxicity here and there isn't a real big problem. REALLY?

Let me help you unlock a little DELUSION. Remember that old saying the dose makes the poison? "It means that a substance can produce the harmful effect associated with its toxic properties only if it reaches a susceptible biological system within the body in a high enough concentration*."

When it comes to the majority of chemicals we are exposed to today this concept DOESN'T APPLY!

They are nicknamed endocrine disrupting chemicals because even a little can throw the body into a substantial tailspin.

This is why it is so important to be vigilant! STOP being seduced by low prices which hide the full story of what you are buying, and negate your health and the wellbeing of workers and our planet. 

Are you sick and tired of being a guinea pig?

Support companies who have your interest in mind, who care about your health, and those that concider the environmental impacts of their products.

They EXIST, it just might take an extra minute or two on Google and a willingness to give up Starbucks for  a week so you can save a little $.

 It is time to take a stand! By you making different choices and sharing this information with others we can send a clear message that unregulated toxic chemicals are simply UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Want to learn more and get involved? Watch this film Unacceptable Levels