I love when little 'aha' moments visit my day-to-day, teach me something new and make me pause to feel my life more fully.

Yesterday I was riding my bike, enjoying the sun, reveling in the blue color of the ocean and breathing in the fresh sea air. I felt light and spacious after a long day of logistics.

At one point on my ride I stopped in order to get off the sidewalk and into the bike lane.

Ahead was an uphill road.

As I got back on my bike I was struggling in the upward ascent, and then--as I am sure many have done 1,000 times before--I turned, rode a bit downhill, gained some momentum and headed up the hill with swift ease.

Simple, yet profound I thought, how a little momentum goes a long way.

I started to think about what other areas of my life feel stagnant and really just need a tiny bit of momentum to get going again.

Living yoga, lurking in every corner. How sweet it is!