When I was in NYC on the East Coast my sweet friend Alexey made a very simple and delicious breakfast dish which I just recreated this morning. 

He sliced up some apples, put them in a pot with water, threw in some raisins, cinnamon, and clove.

Brought the water to a boil and let it all simmer for a bit of time. 

Simple sauce.

No pealing, no mashing, no straining, and very very tasty.

Apples are generally cooling but when cooked they can actually have a soothing effect on digestion and help cleanse the colon.

To my breakfast I also added a sliced banana but to manage the sugar content of the meal (even though cinnamon is there to help regulate) I also added a bit of unsweetened coconut milk (you could also add some Coconut Oil or Ghee) which provides bit more satiating fat.