Coconut water is a growing $350 million industry in the U.S. and for good reason, its full of supportive electrolytes which are depleted when we sweat.

Electrolytes are what cells use to maintain voltages across their cell membranes and carry nerve impulses and muscle contractions.

The drink is super hydrating but without the unnatural colorings and added sugars of conventional sport drinks.

Coconut water is also very cooling on a hot summer day.

With so many coconut waters on the market flavor is starting to become a bit more like fine wine. As usual its not a huge surprise that the smaller company brands taste better/sweeter while the larger brands who are mass producing sacrifice on quality.

From my personal palette the top 5 coconut waters are:

Did you know Zico is owned by Coke? and O.N.E is owned by Pepsi?

Vita Coco is the #3 selling brand but taste less sweet than the ones above.

Some coconut waters have added white sugar and preservatives, make sure to check the label.

Hydrate Well!