WARNING! If you are offended by the conversation of sex, touch, and the physical body DO NOT READ FURTHER

I am not sure if it's because I am a Virgo, but I always find myself wondering how and why things function.

In a recent intimate experience I couldn't help but notice how much more excited I became when my mate made soft moaning sounds that correlated to his experience of increased pleasure.

Is this the norm? Do gay and straight men get turned on by sexual vocalization? And what about women do they get excited when their man or woman makes sound?

While there aren't too many official studies on this subject--spread the word to your grad student friends, we need more research--there are plenty of opinions.

vSome sexologists believe moaning in the bedroom increases sexual arousal for self and partner, communicates what we like and don't like, and can create a slight experience of hyperventilation which results in a mild feeling of euphoria.

In addition to groans and moans some men and women love to verbalize through simple words like yes, more, and now, etc., while others employ 'dirty talk' to increase their excitement. But do check-in as some people are turned off by particular words.

Stereotypically moaning during foreplay and sex has been painted as only a female trait, but many women and gay men report enjoying breath sounds and soft moaning coming from their man.

One study also showed that some women make noise not only when feeling pleasure but to speed up their partner's climax, boost his self-esteem, relieve boredom, or diffuse fatigue and discomfort. More gay men and lesbians need to chime in as to whether they use the same techniques.

So next time you find yourself hot and heavy make a little noise, but not too much, or maybe yes too much. Wake up the neighbors!